P R I X   L A U R E N T   M O O N E N S
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F     O     N     D     A     T     I     O     N
During our stay in Lubumbashi DRC, we spent three mornings (October 21,22 & 23) documenting the work of 46 local Artists who submitted an entry according to the competition rules for the Lubumbashi sessions 2015. This action echoes the artistic involvement of Laurent Moonens in the Congo where he taught painting at the Arts Academy that he created and ran from 1951 to 1960. The "Institut des Beaux Arts de Lubumbashi" still exists today.  

The Jury based in Brussels included the following members:
- Odie Rynell CASH - Curator Platform 102,
- Catherine CHARLIER - Namur Fine Arts Academy,
- Alexandre DALETCHINE - D+T Project Gallery,
- Sven LAURENT - Photographer,
- Cedric LIENART - Art collector,
- Patricia Van THILLO - Art collector,
- Benedikt Van Der VORST - Art Collector,
- The Management Board of the Foundation for one vote,
The two winners got a material reward, an exhibition took place in October 2016 at the Galerie Dialogues of Lubumbashi and they were published in Hamadji n°13.